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The support group from Liceo  Taller San Miguel is formed by five councilors (Alamos branch-preschool level,  school campus- preschool, elementary, middle and high school level),  Nutritionist and speech therapist, who work throughout various disciplines  managing the necessary support for an integral education of all students.   

The initial process of recognition of students, taking into account the various  characteristics, processes and learning rhythms of each one of them, is done by  the teachers since they are the ones who interact with students on a daily  basis in all kinds of learning environments.  

These are the steps to support the  academic and social-emotional process of students considering the   institutional policies:    

1. The teacher does group support based on individual difficulties, for example  feedback or strategies that expand understanding and creation.  

 2 . The teacher does individual differentiated support with the student or  students who  still have issues in the subject within the class (learning environment).  

3. The teacher activates the SIAI System of Immediate Academic Intervention,  following the protocol. The objective is to rethink the didactic strategy  taking advantage of the possibility to work one on one.  

4. The teacher reports the student or students who lack competences to achieve  specific goals set for the term. This report is made during  the evaluation committee and is registered in the Mid Term Report. If the committee c onsiders necessary a referral will be made to the support group. 

5. The Speech therapy and counseling areas will carry out an evaluation (it is  brief and looks to determine possible linguistic, cognitive and socio-emotional  behaviors that are    holding back the student from an adequate performance of learning and  coexistence). Then they will deliver a report to the principal and teacher who  made the referral. This report must be included for the Psychology and speech  therapy follow-up, and should be  socialized with the families so that the necessary support is carried out to  strengthen the  student’s learning process. If the situation requires it external referrals for  pedagogical assistance or therapy will be made. 

The Psychology and speech therapy service monitors the process required by the  student through some individual counseling and home plans with the objective  to work on weak skills and stabilize those in development. The  Constant communication with students, parents and teachers is vital and  necessary for the process. 

6. The support group constantly monitors the internal and external process of  the  student. 

The support group from Liceo Taller San Miguel is educational, which means it  does not offer have a clinical approach. The type of support given by the  different areas is explained next.

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