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School Director´S Letter

Welcome to Liceo Taller San Miguel's website.   Liceo Taller San Miguel is an educational institution with a history dating   back over 20 years. Our school is recognized regionally and nationally for its   non-conventional pedagogical model in which art is a learning device, in which  creativity and a humanistic approach are the pillars that support a bilingual  and competent human being who is academically and cognitively based.  

The institution has been committed since its  inception with a quality education that recognizes a person's being in all its  complexity. Those of us who work at the institution are characterized by the  love, dedication, and the passion we impart on our work to make Liceo Taller  San Miguel a better and better place.  

Our team has a great commitment to educational  quality; we have high expectations in the learning of our students and we  constantly seek improvement in the educational processes by means of being,  doing and knowing. Our educational project is carried out in a campus  surrounded by a lush natural environment that lends itself to develop  significant experiences in all areas, but especially in the areas of Natural  Science and Environmental Education.  

I invite you to take a tour of our page so that  you may learn more about the projects and processes that are carried out within  the institution which give a unique seal to Liceo Taller San Miguel.

Ana Isabel Jiménez

School Director

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