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Institutional Philosophy

Taking ART as a frame of reference in all its  manifestations and the processes of socialization and adaptation to the school  environment, LICEO TALLER SAN MIGUEL is interested in the formation of students  as social beings, creators of culture and protagonists of history, transcendent  as people and as agents of social change; all under a HUMANIST approach.  

Education is a field that heightens and motivates creativity;  hence art as a pedagogical device is inserted directly into our student’s daily  life. Their worldview is stimulated and shaped by the  spiritual, intuitive and rational aspects which are a part of art but are also  factors of individual development. The playful  aspect has an important role in the socialization and determination of active  roles that are part of the student's daily life, allowing him to spontaneously  express his affections, fears and doubts, as well as his particular way of  seeing and interpreting his environment.  

The academic programs of the institution take into account the approaches  that govern the General Law of Education and focus their efforts on the  integral education of the student, redirecting the pedagogical actions towards  the current needs of the students.

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