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Early Learning Principal´s Letter

Liceo Taller San Miguel provides families the opportunity to benefit from the school’s educational offer for children starting at 18 months old at our Kindergarten branch in Alamos neighborhood, where they will course kinder 1, 2 and 3. This stage in their education lasts until they reach the age of four and continue the process at the school’s campus.    

We have a space designed to favor the potential and development of Children from an early age, such as: motor development, sensory integration, and playing as a learning strategy, all accompanied by teachers Licensed in Child Pedagogy, as classroom leaders and technologists in preschool who are also studying to obtain a license degree, as assistants, with a professional profile based on respect, charisma, dedication, the meaning of responsibility and above all love for the work performed.    

The team of teachers is also joined by a psychologist, speech therapist and nutritionist who complement the support network and understand the educational procedures from an integral and professional perspective, carrying out advising and intervention processes not only with students but with parents, through activities such as parent’s lunches and meetings to share support and guidance strategies in the mission parents and educators have assumed responsibly. Along with this purpose we encourage other type of activities involving grandparents and caregivers in general.   

It is very important for us to align the education purposes with the families who are part of the school, whereby we generate spaces of reflection where we share experiences about the way we support children and socialize the characteristics of the stages of development and strategies to favor the aspects that we consider most important for their education, such as autonomy, values, healthy eating, life project, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, among others.    

In accordance with the purpose mentioned we mean to provide opportunities that favor meaningful interactions based on learning experiences with a high level of expectation that allows us to enhance the abilities of our students, identifying and recognizing the diversity of their needs.    

The curriculum covers different spheres and goals but furthermore contemplates Art as a device for environmental learning which covers the whole educational process from the first years of Kindergarten up to 12th grade.    

Classroom projects use art as a tool for cognitive development to form specific competences regarding high level thinking processes such as analysis, reflection, judgment, interpretation of images, the use of symbols, creativity and divergent thinking, which build perception, attention, memory, and physical development abilities in early ages through the structuring of the body scheme, the control of motor skills, spatial orientation, balance, rhythm and better yet imagination and creativity as fundamental competences to meet the demands of the current world.   

The playground, the school farm and the classroom, become learning spaces where we address issues related to the environment, enabling children to appropriate healthy and harmonious life styles for themselves and those around them, developing cognitive, communicative, socio-affective skills.     

The Gym strengthens thick motor development and sensory integration to ensure an appropriate neuronal stimulation level and the growth of the psychomotor aspect.    

Communicative development is emphasized on the mother tongue and the acquisition of English as a second language, stimulating learning through music, audio activities, games, videos, rhymes and role plays, and the meaningful use of words as a strategy to introduce bilingualism at this stage. We give life this way to our institutional mission: building humanistic, bilingual leaders, with a high creative, ethical and academic sense.    



Early Learning  Principal

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