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Science Fair

The science fair aims to have students present their experimentation projects through research methodologies, hand in hand with what is done in the Natural Science classes (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) and aligned with the form of natural learning of the human mind, in a formalized way. During this process students acquire emotional security by explaining a topic in which they have worked on. Furthermore, students show their motivation by building their own prototypes and performing experiments or statistical processes that provide a solution to a problem (which in turn produces consistent results for their hypotheses).

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Working under the notion of experiments is the very foundation of Science, and is also where all the pedagogical improvements point. During this process, student learning is better assimilated due to the experiential aspect which permits integration into their own world. Once the experimental projects have been developed their level of interest and ease as they move towards the theoretical aspect is evident.     

In Preschool, projects are directed towards reflection and appropriation of care and preservation of natural resources looking for students of the smallest grades to implement experiments or models based on care of the environment, represented with the use of recycled materials too decrease the environmental impact. In primary a transition is made between the recreation of real experiments, and the simulation of ideas through creativity towards actual real experimentation. In secondary, students choose their projects freely based on their own concerns and directed by their interests in order to find answers to phenomena.     


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