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Visit Rayo Museum

On Tuesday, November 26, the Seniors of Liceo Taller San  Miguel made an academic visit to the facilities of the Rayo Museum in  Roldanillo Valle, where they participated in a productive intaglio engraving  workshop with manual printing, where they saw and experimented one of  the techniques Master Rayo used most during  his artistic career.  

In addition to this,  the students were able to visit the different exhibitions and spaces that the  museum offers, such as the permanent exhibition of maestro Omar Rayo, the  intaglio museum, an exhibition of Cuban art, among others.  The visit provided students with new creative  tools, stimulated the most sensitive side from the creation perspective and  also served to generate other classroom spaces in a context different from the  usual one.

This activity was  lead by the visual arts department with the teacher Andrés Cuartas, accompanied  by teacher Hernán Naranjo, the speech therapist Martha Ramírez and one of the  parents from 12th ”


Fecha: 06 de Diciembre de 2019
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