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The purpose of the support group from the role as a staff element within the institution; is the support to the academic and relationship processes of the students. In the school the working team is made up of speech therapists specialized in Neuropsychology pedagogy which makes it possible to determine special needs in the perceptual cognitive field in population groups. Furthermore, it enables external referrals to specialists and also the implementation of indirect groups or individual basic interventions to support academic processes and the planning of strategies to improve academic quality, thus optimizing the emotional climate of students and teachers for the completion of the processes of integral education sought by the school .    

The group also consists of psychologists with training in educational and clinical psychology; sexuality specialists with training in the field of drug addiction prevention. Our psychologists also have skills working with groups in the areas of human development, creativity, conflict resolution, stress management, sports psychology, and the development of cognitive and emotional-relational skills .  


The psychological and speech therapy interventions are aimed at screening; initial assessments, conducting referrals and follow-ups, as well as advising management guidelines for teachers and parents. There is no specialized clinical consultation, nor are complete treatments performed .

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