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Nursing service

The nursing from Liceo Taller San Miguel School is highly concerned about the student’s wellbeing, which is why it has proposed the development of an assistance protocol in order to inform in clear way the procedure to handle any situation or emergency during school hours. The LTSM counts with equipment for first aid (bandages, splints, healing material, among others), as well as physical examination (transfer stretcher,  thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucometer, among others), for any type of alteration, injury or accident occurring to students or staff members. 

One of the main objectives from Liceo Taller San Miguel is to provide the 

best physical and psychological well-being for the students of the institution. 



It is important to highlight that by orders from of the Health Ministry,  the supply of medicines in the Nursing Service is totally forbidden  without a medical prescription, in compliance with Decree 2200 of 2005 and others  regulations governing the provision of these services in  educational institutions. In case a student needs to be  supplied a medicine, it must be sent from home with a recent medical prescription. It should be in clear, legible print and must come  with a written authorization from the student´s parents or guardians.  


Sandra Milena Trujillo 


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