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Like waves the wind carried

Towards shores of  faith and knowledge, in the world I am a wave and you are the wind Liceo Taller  San Miguel.



Like waves the wind  carried 

Towards shores of  faith and knowledge 

In the world i am a  wave 

And you are the wind  Liceo Taller San Miguel.

Teaching me paths of  brotherhood

Building a great society   

Where my best weapon will be to know   

And my shield will be the truth.  



  Being a seed that  grows with freedom  

Always respecting others  

Borders do not exist to reach  

Equality, truth and peace.  



  Sport and arts are my  passion

Two creativity engines  

And through the workshop I will transcend  

With a bond of fraternity.  



  Being aware that the  world is my home  

Conserving this beautiful place  

For the ecology I will work,  

Protecting the future of the environment  


  Traveling through  books I will know 

The cultures of humanity  

And learning languages ​​I will know that to  love  

It’s a  universal language.  


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