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Recalling, evoking the past,  
Remembering so as not to forget, forgetting in order to exist; all mechanisms used by us throughout our lives in order to persist as time passes, trying to make our projects outlast us and achieve significance for others. That is precisely what will be attempted in this short story of the memory of Liceo Taller San Miguel

Liceo Taller San  Miguel was born in 1991 under the figure of an art workshop and a children's  kindergarten that we called "My workshop". Both initiatives reflected  the dream of creating an initiation space in artistic creation linked to the  field of education. In this undertaking, I was accompanied by my daughter Ana  Milena Naranjo, who took on the challenge of opening our first headquarters  located in the Maraya neighborhood in a space that for its opening hosted 50  children distributed into different groups. In the morning, the space was  destined to the Kindergarten, which in its beginning was attended by 12  children; in the afternoon art classes were offered for groups that attended  from Monday to Friday at times previously agreed with the parents. In this  space we worked until 1993, year in which we saw the need to occupy a larger  venue to respond to the growing demand for space both in the art workshop and  in the preschool. The Pre-kindergarten Kindergarten cycle was completed at this  time and we obtained approval from the State Department of Education through  license 0032 of February 21, 1994.

In 1995 a group of  parents who had accompanied us throughout this process and who saw sufficient  strengths in our educational project and in our pedagogical model, proposed  structuring the level of Primary so that the children could continue their  studies within the same institution. This initiative meant a great challenge  for us, because at first we had chosen to privilege only the Preschool level,  of course, keeping our gaze on art as the articulating nucleus of the entire  training program. The idea of ​​giving continuity to the process until reaching  the development of Primary and Middle School had been hanging around our head  for several years. That is how, four years later, we decided to take the  definitive step towards that goal, assuming the challenge of creating an  updated and innovative PEI, capable of responding to the demands of 21st  century education, in academic, pedagogical and multicultural terms. We hoped  that our institution would be able to reach the level of the best schools in  the region, with a renewed conception of the type of human being that we wanted  to form.

In addition to  configuring our educational horizon, we had to think about the name for our  school. The philosophy and principles that had guided the creation of the  institution (in which the arts was a nuclear axis) served as an argument to  keep the word WORKSHOP linked to the other name that was chosen by a consensus  of collaborators and those of us acting as directors. Henceforth, we would call  ourselves LICEO TALLER SAN MIGUEL, and in addition to our educational proposal  linked to art, we would also implement a bilingualism program within the  international standards defined for this type of institution.

With this same  innovative spirit, we assumed the challenge of building our own curriculum within the  guiding framework of the Ministry of National Education, but with a personal  stamp that has sought to contextualize these benchmarks within the principles  that have inspired our existence.


In order to guarantee  the integration and continuity of our educational project we decided to articulate  the growth of the institution with the continuation of the study plans. In  1999, we started with our first grade, and year after year the following grade  was created. That is why in 2010 we presented our first high school graduates  to the educational community and society in general.


The authorization for the development of the  cycle up to the Ninth grade of High School was granted to us by means of  Resolution 0274 of May 4, 2000, by the State Department of Education and for  the Upper High School cycle on September 11, 2009, through Resolution 3484  issued by the Ministry of National Education, completing with this the approval  of the complete cycle.  

Our own campus  

Given the progressive growth of the institution  (by the year 2000 we had three alternate locations, two in the Alpes  neighborhood and one in the Circunvalar area) we set ourselves the goal of  owning our headquarters and equipping it with the necessary resources, means  and educational scenarios for the strengthening of our educational program. For  the landscape and ecological wealth, climate, location and security we choose a  lot located at kilometer 8 on the road to Armenia, in a privileged perimeter  accompanied by other educational institutions of the city. The design and  construction of the project has been in charge of the Architect Juan Carlos De  Leon N., who taking into account our principles of respect and care for the environment  designed a campus  with materials from the area such as guadua  which integrates harmoniously with the landscape. At the same time respecting  the topography of the land and avoiding any severe impacts on the environment.  The entire process responded to an expansion plan for classrooms and spaces in  proportion to the increase in the grades of each cycle, and the operational  needs required.  
Week by week we made visits to our developing campus with the children,  as a strategy to familiarize them with the space and make them participants in  the process. These outings were constituted in real educational and  recreational days which were also a pretext to begin the creation of our school  farm and the environmental paths that we have today

By the second semester of the year 2000 the classrooms  corresponding to the Preschool and Primary blocks, some green areas and play  areas were already built, so we planed the end of the school year in our own  space. By this time, my daughters Victoria Eugenia and María Teresa Naranjo  Tisnes had joined the Board of Directors of the Institution. Taking advantage that Victoria had  moved to Vancouver, Canada, she assumed under her responsibility the  creation of the student exchange programs and summer camps such as those  established with the schools of West Vancouver and the District of Victoria BC,  as well as other cultural exchange programs for our students. Summer camps have  been institutionalized and offered each year, especially for children in grades  6th and 7th. María Teresa on her part was initially onboard as a Science teacher, then as  events coordinator and since 2008 leading the creation and structuring of the  administrative area of ​​the institution. Currently she is responsible for the  Human Resources Department.  


  Our effort, persistence, passion, conviction,  and love for what we do have been fundamental pillars of this great family  enterprise. Little by little a team of people convinced of our goals and  objectives has been integrated: teachers, academic directors, service  employees, parents, students and collaborators. Thanks to the coordinated work of all the stakeholders,  the belief in the school´s mission and to the growth horizon that was outlined,  in April of the year 2010 we obtained the International Accreditation of our  institution granted by the AdvancEd accrediting entity, with headquarters in  Atlanta, USA.  In addition to certifying  the high quality standards of our educational program, AdvancEd becomes a  guarantor of the permanence and continuity of the educational services we offer  as well as the continuous improvement that must accompany our daily work plan.  


Teresa Tisnes 

Chairman of  the Board of Directors  

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