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Art Exhibit

Exhibition Photos 2018-2019


Talking about  the relationship between art and education today leads us to think about all  the possible variables that this implies. There are different tensions between  art and educations, so it is important to see where the question comes from,  for example, are we talking about art education? or maybe from art tools  applied to pedagogy? or maybe the question is focused on the possible  pedagogies of art at the service of school education? No matter what the case,  there is a binding factor that, in our opinion, is fundamental to make sense of  any of the above questions; creativity.  

In this order of  ideas, it is good to understand or approach what is possibly creativity. The  word creativity comes from "creare" in latin, which means: beget,  produce, create. In turn the word is related with "crescere": to  grow. This way, when you talk about creativity, you tal of a total change in  the way of observing and reading, both us and the world and the contexts that  come from it. This generates a dislocation in the world from the aspect of  doing which tends towards what is new, it is necessary then to use creativity  and to be critical of who we are and what we represent. It is here, where art  and aesthetic processes allow us to develop mechanisms of creativity, freed  from absolute rationality which tends to restrict the expanded sensitive field.  

With  artistic practices as an engine that enhances creativity in teaching and  learning processes the Liceo Taller San Miguel appears as a place in which  things happen in a creative and critical way, a conducive place to carry out  any creative process, understanding these developments from doing as a  mobilization of thought towards the materialization of ideas, strengthening the  creativity of students and teachers of the institution .

Exhibition Photos 2018-2019

It  is also important to highlight that from the methodologies and spaces of the  arts area workshop (that also have very important tools for the production of  work as an engraving press and kiln for ceramics) we generate creative  laboratories where the experimental and the use of different materials and  techniques allow students to develop their best creative processes. All of the  above combined with the efforts of committed teaching staff who in the best way  generate the best mobilization of knowledge

Alejandro Múnera  

Visual Arts 

Teacher   Primary

Liceo Taller San  Miguel   


Exhibition Photos   2017-2018

  Exhibition Photos   2017-2018


The  word experimental is valid, provided it is understood not as the description of  an act that will then be judged in terms of success or failure, but simply as  an act whose result is unknown .” (John Cage. 1912 - 1992).

The  concept of laboratory in the imaginary collective school context, has almost  always been closer to the areas of scientific knowledge: physics, mathematics,  chemistry, among others areas, these are spaces for trial and error and a drive  to find results from thorough procedures and specific searches .

In  a esthetic-artistic practices today the laboratory appears as an activator to  implement methodologies in the field of research-creation based on various   mechanisms of random searches, encounters with the unknown and sometimes  entering a game in which the result can be unexpected. This is how in the  visual arts area of ​​the Liceo Taller San Miguel,  the different traditional artistic  languages:​ engraving, painting and drawing in an experimental way are approached  as languages ​​that act as inciters for new processes which in turn involve the  approach of concepts, the use of other materials and enhance the creative  experiences of the contemporaneity. It is also important to highlight the use  of new media as a way to expand the creative world, all in order to stimulate  students to capture their realities, create imaginary universes, use their  everyday life as a theme and motivate them to build their own view of the world  from its most sensitive and critical side .  

Exhibition Photos   2016-2017

It  is important to highlight that the different technologies have provided us with  elements to build new possibilities of creation, here the experimental appears  as a latent exercise to link various media in artistic production where the use  of digital and analogue has helped us to get involved in intermedia processes.  These have languages ​​such as video, animation, creative electronics and sound  experimentation; the latter has immersed us in a new universe. From creative  exercises like walking as an aesthetic practice, listening as a latent sense  and sound plasticity we have opened new horizons to develop ideas,  appropriating the auditory as a material distant from the musical, making use  of mobile devices as a tool, the internet as a platform and apps as productive  inputs in the arts .

Exhibition Photos   2016-2017  


Given the above,  in the school context it is important to avoid perceiving the arts as one more  subject, away from the other areas of knowledge, the actions performed here are  manifested in a place conducive to enhance the creative self, which is  externalized in all the cognitive processes of the student; actions that are  evident in the artistic laboratory not only through a   final product, which should not be judged under the relative eye of beauty, but as a mechanism of construction and  de-construction of thought .  

The  arts workshop has gone from being an enclosure where there is a teacher and  some trainees who follow the teachings of a leader in a technical sense, to  become a space for collective creation, where everyone from their own skills  contributes to the group's processes, turning the teacher into an activator  that provides conceptual tools for that experience to be relevant for  individual development, taking into account artistic education as a device for  the construction of knowledge, emancipation and cultural transformation .  

Andrés Cuartas  Suárez.  

Middle and High  School Visual Arts Teacher  

Liceo Taller San Miguel


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