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High School Profile

At  this level the student develops critical and argumentative thinking. They  possess recognition, admiration and emotion abilities towards the world of art,  esthetics and the environment as a way of expression for human kind.

He or she (they are people) with investigative concerns who master different instruments of awareness which enables them to understand, know, discover and appreciate the benefits of knowledge; in addition to a high level of metacognitive strategies, which allow them to consolidate their learning autonomy.    

They use their first language to communicate effectively and access all kinds of knowledge. In their second language, they show a high level of English skills that allow them to interact in different cultural and academic contexts. They demonstrate abilities in the application of mathematical language and appropriate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by using them responsibly in any context, understanding that their development helps communication in the construction of knowledge in a collaborative manner.   

They have solid humanistic foundations with principles of leadership, otherness, tolerance, honesty, responsibility, respect and towards themselves and others. They have defined their life project and identified the means to achieve it. They are people with a positive attitude and sensitivity to all kinds of expressions in human culture, who practice citizen values ​​with maturity and integrity.

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