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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

"DISCOVERING A SMALL GREAT BIODIVERSE PLANET" this year the celebration was special since our students turned our wetland DANAPUR into a living laboratory for scientific research on the kinds of life that exist in its waters. The children were able to observe from simple to complex living structures with the use of portable devises to analyze.

As a result, some of the children described their findings of the various shapes seen under the microscope, as: "amazing". They then took these ideas of the various shapes to the visual arts classrooms to turn them into

Throughout this activity they were able to discover things like the great living universe in a drop of water, with many different microorganisms that enhance our commitment towards conservation of the Earth in every single space. DANAPURE continues to grow as an outdoor classroom that allows discovery in a fun and scientific way.

Luz Stella Tisnés-Coordinadora Ambiental

Liceo Taller San Miguel - Colombia


Fecha: 27 de Mayo de 2015
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