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Vocational Guidance

The Vocational Guidance Program of Liceo Taller San Miguel  aims to prepare the student to make responsible and informed decisions in  regards to their professional future, taking into account the interests,  abilities and competences, as well as their academic and economic possibilities  in which they count on.   

We encourage families to allow the students the autonomy of  freely choosing their vocational preferences as we provide guidance in the  development and stimulation of cognitive and attitudinal competences, to help  them obtain the best scores in the admission tests to the different universities  of their choice, the same way we favor the development of autonomy and social  skills which allow them to have a proper performance in both national and  international academic environments, both inside and out the classroom. We  count on different strategies to achieve this goal such as assistance to  university fairs, human development workshops, training sessions,  technology-mediated activities in daily academic spaces, visits to various  professionals in the region, analysis of multimedia communication pieces and  simulations in selection interviews to enter university.   

Our graduates find academic opportunities both  in Colombia and abroad, standing out for their academic and personal skills in  the different scenarios they act

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