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The psychology area offers psychological guidance and support to students who show difficulties in academic, emotional and / or cognitive processes; as well as parents who require it, looking different strategies to improvement the adjustment of students to  the school environment. 

To initiate treatment, the psychologist receives a request from the coordinator, teacher, parent or the student himself. Attention is given through an initial approach of the situation and the definition of strategies to carry out along with the follow up steps.  The intervention strategies used are indirect, which means, guidance for parents and teachers in individual and / or group sessions. The support group does not perform assistance or clinical care, if the case requires it would be referred externally.   

In addition to individual interventions, the psychologist as a member of the school’s support group participates in SIAI - Immediate Academic Intervention System- including   Parent Lunches, Group integration activities outside the school, Pedagogical Project for Sexual and Affective Education, identification and empowerment of skills,   abilities, interests and talents as the basis for the student´s life project.    

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