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What I like of LTSM

I want to congratulate the school for the important achievement of its graduate student, Santiago Rico Ramírez, who was consecrated as a colegial last week at the University of Rosario

                    Ximena Violi Suárez - Relationship with schools coordinator

I want to thank Liceo Taller San Miguel for gifting me with this school year as a student and companion at the institution.      

I have reflected on this school and what I think is that it is an organized institution with cool teachers and a technology that supports a better learning process.    

This school gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of Spanish and improve in the special classes with the other exchange students, confirming my skills and the things I already learned in the 2014-2015 courses; it is also a very nice place to spend time, with flowers and nature. What I like most are the shows that the school displays for the students to enroll in such as dance, music, theater or photography. That's why I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to be here.      

Liceo Taller San Miguel is very special because it is like a family and it is a very cool place. I don’t think t every school gives that possibility to students, not every educational institution creates such a pleasant environment where a young person not only goes to study and pass exams but also to share time with others.    

I think another very important thing is the attitude from the people who work here, because in Liceo Taller San Miguel I never saw a teacher who was not kind or did not have the desire to work with their students. That is why the relationship between a student and a teacher is very open that gives better results in the daily classes and makes everyone feel good.    

I also like it a lot that we are able to eat breakfast and lunch at school, although I do not always like the food at Liceo Taller San Miguel - it's a very good thing.    

The most obvious thing is that I really liked my exchange year in this school and I will miss it, that's why I want to say to all the people who deserve it: Thank you very much.   

Maria Antonietta Franco - Exchange student- Italy  

Liceo Taller San Miguel project is a success" - This is what I think when I see my classmates being agents of change within a university campus, knowing that we are young people who have been educated with high ethical and academic standards and this is shown in the performance and the quality of  people we are today. It makes me feel proud to be a graduate from the best school in Risaralda.   

In similarity with my career, I arrive to an analogy where the school is conceived as a designer and the students as a product, being the school’s job to morphologically, structurally and functionally shape us for the development of a more conscious generation, where being meets the context and develops in a fast and effective way, demonstrating that it is a highly functional component within the contextual system.   

While the human being behaves with respect to the notions of reality he perceives, Liceo Taller San Miguel school has been in charge of contributing to the integral growth of each one of the students in the institution, this is evident thanks to the perseverance of Teresa Tisnes, a visionary who has put her life on a project that has given as a result three generations of young leaders and is preparing a fourth  

Manolo Flórez - Promoción 2010

Gratitude: that word summarizes what goes through my mind when I remember Liceo Taller San Miguel, my school. In this place I grew up, I learned and I lived great experiences, which shaped me into who I am in this moment of my life, both in the academic and personal aspect. Respect, responsibility, discipline, service to the community and honesty are principles I learned throughout the years I spent at Liceo Taller San Miguel, principles that I consider the bases of good citizens.   

The admiration I feel for Teresa Tisnes is immense, in my opinion her project, our school, is a life teaching. To Tere, and all those who made this school possible, I thank you and I admire you, for building this wonderful school for society, committed to society, the environment and academic excellence. For believing that you can always be better and that education must be integral, I do not know an example of integrality greater, for me it is an honor, and I feel so proud to be part of this great family. THANKS, continue to grow being excellent and giving this great educational example  

Laura Guzmán - Promoción 2010

Great affection remains in the hearts of who lived with such joy his last years of school in Liceo Taller San Miguel. There I found a family that, despite my late arrival, welcomed me as if I had always been a part of it. I learned what it was to grow up with people who give you something and make you big, people who built a part of who I am today.  It is a place where you experience the warmth and humanity of people, where love for what is done is the priority and affection is received from all those who are part of this great family.   

I have to thank the school for a million things, the people I met there who became my family, with whom to this day I maintain unconditional friendship, memories that have been part of the best times of my life, their welcome, the feeling of well-being that is created when thinking about my school and the safety of having a place to which I can always return and feel like the member of a huge family. However, it is worth noting my greatest gratitude, the passion the school helped awake for art, which moves me now and the reason why I am willing to dedicate my whole life to. I just need to thank my school and hope someday I can give back some of what I received from them.  

Daniela Maya - Promoción 2010

As a former student  of Liceo Taller San Miguel and Medalist of National and South American Games, I feel one of the best experiences of my life has been my school, my second home, to which we have immense responsibilities now that we are out of it. I think our position as alumni is of great importance for the Institution, because through our example of life we are demonstrating to give back some of the things that were given to us by teachers and counselors with so much responsibility, always thinking about our future as integrals beings.  

With all the love, values, and excellent education the School offered me, I entered Technological University where I study Mechanical Engineering. My gratitude to the School is immense, to its directives and to each one of my teachers for everything we shared. I’m grateful because without their help and support I would not have been able to continue with my Archery training and make part of my dreams come true. Now I also combine my university studies with the training to achieve new goals as a professional and reach the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. When I have a family I hope my children enjoy the same experience of studying at my school where I grew up, learned and matured, where I was taught to walk ahead and find what I needed for my life. I learned values ​​and respect for others, responsibility and perseverance to achieve my goals with honesty and integrity, and something I will never forget, the way they showed us respect for animals, nature and compassion for the people around.  

Liceo Taller San Miguel is written in every step I take in my life, when I represent it outside the country in each competition, in my house with my parents and always, always in my Heart. I think my children will be like me, from a very young age being part of an institution where they will be loved, protected, and taught a lot and will become honest and confident human beings to face the new challenges that will come in their lives.  

Daniel Pachecho Salem - Promoción 2011

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