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Preschool Profile

The educational  project at Liceo Taller San Miguel focuses on favoring the growth of  competences in all dimensions of the human development. For this reason, it is  expected for children to achieve the following profile at the end of their  preschool level:



  To get a degree of autonomy that allows  developing and consolidating basic self-care habits and the introduction of  studying habits. Demonstrate an appropriate level of of self-control and  frustration management in all kinds of circumstances (social, academic,  etcetera)


To develop a degree of gross motor skills which  allows an appropriate expression of their corporality in different areas such  as arts and sports, as well as a suitable development of basic fine motor  skills to allow a good school performance overall.


To achieve basic reading, writing and math  skills that allow the student to deepen nto reading comprehension processes,  text production and diverse mathematical competences at a suitable school level.

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