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Elementary School Coordinator´S Letter


Liceo Taller San Miguel wishes for its students  to be excellent people and excellent students, as our educational project  professes it.”  

Academic leadership leads to develop  theoretical and practical thinking skills, which will be useful for life,  regardless of the area of knowledge in which they choose to become  professionals in the future, since today's teaching methods tend to develop  competences where the contents are only the means used for working with  students.  

Humanist leadership comes hand in hand with the  way students’ unique necessities are met through our pedagogical model, finding  in each school stage an opportunity to learn social and emotional skills, which  strengthens the development of their personality from a collaborative and  empathic approach with others.  

The student who attends Liceo Taller San  Miguel´s elementary school needs to work hard in developing their autonomy,  since it will guarantee their school success to face the challenges of high  school. Also the students’ skills and abilities will guide them towards  developing appropriate learning strategies and make them think actively about  the way they learn, in order to reach a self-taught learning future that will  go beyond the limits of the school.  

Being coherent with everything mentioned above  and being consequent with our interest to generate integrity at all levels, we  expect families equally committed to the education of their children, who  responsibly work hand in hand with the school. Always grateful for the trust  you put in us when assuming the greatest responsibility for each family: the  education of their children.  

Juan Miguel Duque Quintero 
Elementary School Principal 

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