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Social Service

In accordance to  article 97 Law 115 of the year 1994 and article 39 of Decree 1860 of the year  1994, it is duty of all middle school students during 10th and 11th  grade (11th and 12th grade at Liceo Taller San Miguel), to provide  the student social service which is part of the curriculum and therefore the  institutional project of the educational establishment, being an essential  requirement to obtain the bachelor's degree. Articles 2 and 7 - Resolution 4210 of 1996.

The objectives of this program are:  

To sensitize the learners towards the needs, interests, problems and potentials of the community, so that they acquire and develop commitments and attitudes to  contribute with the social improvement .

To Contribute to the development of solidarity, tolerance, cooperation, respect for others, responsibility and commitment in their social environment

To promote educational actions aimed at building a spirit of service for the community and its constant improvement as well as an integral prevention of socially relevant issues


To promote the application of knowledge and skills obtained both in mandatory and free-choice areas defined in the school curriculum, which will favor the social and cultural development of the communities

To encourage the practice of work and the proper use of free time, as rights that ensure people’s dignity and the improvement of their standard of living

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