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Gratitude is an emotion that is often difficult to express and transform into words, it is like trying to describe the beauty of the oceans. From an early age, children and young people should become familiar with the different realities that many people face. Throughout the years Liceo Taller San Miguel has influenced the educational community to share their life, values and especially their support and presence to the elderly in need.   

During each term of the school year, the educational community along with different grades, guided by directors, principals, teachers and parents, program and prepare students to attend different nursing homes such as Santa Maria, el Arca de Noe and el Divino Pastor, which accommodate a total of 100 to 105 unprotected people from the elderly who only expect charitable hands to give them some love.   

Each month we prepare two groups to attend these homes with songs, dances, games, therapy, coloring work, clay, painting, among other activities. With the support of a number of parents who have joined this cause, we have been able to provide groceries, first need items and equipment. It is worth noting that these helpers have taken this activity as their own creating such positive impact on their children that we even see some of them asking to visit the nursing home over the weekend or on school vacation.    

At the end of the semester, at Christmas time, something very special is always done. Notice is sent to parents inviting families to share Christmas presents such pajamas, blankets, clothes, personal care items among other things. A package is made for each elder given by a group of students who attend the home along with the school choir to offer a beautiful celebration. The school restaurant joins this event and sends a special lunch. Additionally the music teacher's orchestra plays joined by parents who sometimes sing songs.   

It is important to mention the valuable collaboration the nursery area has in this activity. With the help of all the academic community we can fulfill the project the school has been carrying out for 15 years. The yearly schedule of Liceo taller san Miguel contains the dates and groups that have will come along to take part in this activity.     

We want to highlight the joy, happiness and love each student puts into this great work.     

The experience we have shared with parents, students and personnel from the institution will be a life lesson to remember.  May the God of life reward each one of you.      


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