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Nutritional Support

Liceo Taller San Miguel provide students, families,  teachers and administrative staff with spaces of reflection, diagnosis  and attention on the topic of healthy eating habits and practices related to  food, conducting workshops with students, supervision and support during  time hours, nutritional assessment in  consultation for students who require it  and nutritional consultation for parents, previously scheduled at the school’s  secretary, to establish strategies for  continuous improvement to correct bad eating habits detected in their children  and encourage good practices. All of this in accordance to the study and  implementation of agreement 43 and the  Ministry of Health, which demands an increase in the supply of healthy food  with high nutritional value in shops  

To offer integral care, continuous diagnosis and  intervention will be made in the food service area (school restaurant) that  will be supported by the basic BPM tool for  obtaining safe processes for human consumption, that are centralized in the  hygiene and the way food is handled  to contribute and assure safe, healthy meals for human consumption. 

Lina Maria Bolaños


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